Completed Projects

ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp – Scrap Removal (Surmont Oil Sands Project 2017)

Markham Metals entered into an agreement with ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp in 2017 to purchase, decommission and remove assets from the Surmont Oil Refinery located in Fort McMurray, AB.  Markham Metals shipped the scrap metals as oversized material directly to the Markham Metals Edmonton Recycling Facility. By employing this strategy, Markham Metals was able to expedite the scrap removal process in an efficient manner and minimize on-site stockpiling, sorting and scrap preparation work. Upon completion of the project, 400 tons of non-ferrous scrap metals were recycled.

Samsung Engineering & Construction Group of Canada – Scrap Removal (Grand Renewable Wind Project 2015)

Markham Metals was contracted to undertake the transportation and removal of all the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals generated during the project. Careful planning and coordination were required to meet the project milestones as well as compliance with strict health, safety, environmental and security protocols.